coming home.

hello, old friend. it’s nice to see you again. I started writing publically almost exactly a year ago. the plan was to have a one stop shop for my adventure photography, cutesy DIY projects, and silly, relatively irrelevant rants. in the blogger world, it was … Continue reading

the face painter.

in the last 48 hours i painted 29 butterfly masks, 13 unicorns, 21 tigers, seven spider webs, two football team logos (one college, one NFL, zero Broncos, WHAT?), 11 hearts, three snakes, ten turtles,  six dragons, one bald eagle, one … Continue reading

the pursuit of happiness.

the pursuit of happiness. i feel like this term has been glamorized by Hollywood, probably around the time when Will Smith starred in a movie titled The Pursuit of Happiness. despite the overuse, i still like the term. i like … Continue reading

the solo hiker.

there’s a trail near my house that goes straight up. it’s the perfect place for a girl like me to play. unfortunately i lack many friends who live nearby and wish to get their asses kicked by a mountain 2-3 … Continue reading

big things.


lately i’ve had big things on my mind. it started with new job negotiations conducted in my car. i’ve never felt more like a hooker except for that time when i had sex for money. but seriously, i have bad … Continue reading

equality for all.

i’ll keep my political opinions brief because i know you’d all much rather read about my budding office romances (not. happening. even. a little. bit.) or about how much i love football or that time when i did that thing … Continue reading

you must be single.

airplane clouds

i was recently on an airplane and had up a conversation with a mother of three from franklin, tennessee. it started when i pulled out a book. “now what’s that you’ve got there?” “oh, this? it’s a trekking guide for … Continue reading