i’ve never been great at follow-through.

last year, i resolved to become ambidextrous (i would practice brushing my teeth, writing, etc with my other hand). today, the left side of my body is as useless as ever.

the year before, i resolved to learn another language. today, i can barely speak english.

maybe it’s my lack of success, but part of me hates participating in the concept because it’s overly commercialized in a way that’s meant to make us all feel like we’re not doing good enough.

first it’s the pre-christmas new-car-keys-wrapped-under-the-tree commercials (seriously, who GIVES someone a NEW car? for christmas? no one. ever. especially not that 25 year old couple. they’re just trying to pay off their student loans and figure out how to brew their own kombucha. they’re not driving BMWs.) then it’s the gym membership ads, south beach diet commercials, and even matt lauer on the today show sharing tips on which days are the best to try and quit smoking (january 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, btw. oh, and any other day of the week.) well i didn’t get a car for christmas (thank god) and i already quit smoking because i’ve heard it gives you cancer, lung damage, bad breath, yellow teeth, date rejections, and difficulty climbing mountains. all i want to do is watch the rose bowl parade and sit in my underwear all day without everyone and their mom telling me i’m not skinny or smart or rich enough.

so by the end of the holiday season, i’m thankful to return to my tv-free apartment and shut out (most) of the annoying noise (seriously matt lauer, shut up).

so this year, thinking about all that i have ahead of me, i realize i don’t need a resolution. i just need to be a good person. before you look in the mirror and list all the reasons you hate yourself, try turning off the radio, tv, facebook, and other propaganda and try just being a good person, too.

i resolve to be happy. i resolve to be kind. i resolve to make friends with strangers. i resolve to judge less. i resolve to gain more. i resolve to laugh. i resolve to have patience. i resolve to be healthy. i resolve to give thanks. i resolve to have hope. i resolve to pay it forward. i resolve to do good. i resolve to be ok.

i’m going to try new things. i’m going to take risks. i’m going to be scared. i’m going to be brave.

in 2013, i’m going to succeed.



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