copyright rules.

if you’d like to download an image for your desktop, put it on pinterest, or turn it into a meme for your own viewing pleasure, feel free. just please be sure to submit it to george takei, i love the shit out of him. if you’d like to try and make prints and sell them as your own, good luck. it’s downloadable 72 resolution.

i’m posting images knowing they will be seen. i want them to be seen, shared, criticized. please simply keep in mind the images i place are put up for a reason. i like them. they remind me of someone. they make me feel something. i hope they make you feel something too.

because i’ve done this act willingly, i recognize each photograph belongs to al gore. and everyone else who knows how to google. nothing we place online is protected. as an artist, i try to respect the art i find and give credit where credit is due. i hope you do the same.



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