DIY: daily affirmation cards.

DIY Daily Affirmation Cards

MUSIC CHOICE: 90s hip hop pandora station a daily affirmation jar is a place you go every morning to find one word that will inspire you throughout your day. it’s a super simple and quick project that you’ll never regret … Continue reading

DIY: instagram calendar.

MUSIC CHOICE: good news for people who love bad news by modest mouse. 1.) download your 12 chosen prints from an instagram viewing site like webstagram. you have two options to get your prints in 4×4 size. first, you can … Continue reading

poet’s row.

i recently did the artwork for a poet’s row self-titled second album, available march of this year. they are holding a pre-release party february 2nd at denver’s deer pile. here’s a sneak peek. one thing’s for sure: it’s going to … Continue reading

DIY: stenciled tea towels.

MUSIC CHOICE: every kingdom by ben howard. 1.) after pre-washing and ironing your towel, prepare the paint. mix together two parts acrylic paint, one part fabric medium (to reduce the rigidness of the acrylic). it’s always a good idea to … Continue reading

GUEST BLOG: crocheting for a cause.


amanda is one of my oldest, dearest, tallest friends. we’ve known each other since elementary school. we first met playing soccer together since it’s written in the bible that you must play soccer between the ages of 4-9 and quit at … Continue reading

the great procrastinator.

it’s important for all of you to know some truth right off the bat: i’m the type of crafter who is really great at coming up with new ideas. and spending more money than i actually have in my wallet on the supplies to be completely prepared. and starting them. the end. meaning that my old house where i used to live and my apartment where i currently live and my future house where i’m going to live (preferably one in a tree near a river) are full of almost finished projects. and each is wonderful and genius and going to change the world and cure cancer AND stop global warming. if i could only finish just one of them.

with that said, here’s to the rare few that break the mold.