chicago, illinois. april 2013. sister. me. cousin.

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shave that beard.

flannels, cut off jeans, and beards. big ones. bushy ones. store your sandwich for later/house a small family of birds/long enough to be french braided all at the same time ones.  in denver at least, this whole beard thing leaves … Continue reading

big things.


lately i’ve had big things on my mind. it started with new job negotiations conducted in my car. i’ve never felt more like a hooker except for that time when i had sex for money. but seriously, i have bad … Continue reading

equality for all.

i’ll keep my political opinions brief because i know you’d all much rather read about my budding office romances (not. happening. even. a little. bit.) or about how much i love football or that time when i did that thing … Continue reading

DIY: daily affirmation cards.

DIY Daily Affirmation Cards

MUSIC CHOICE: 90s hip hop pandora station a daily affirmation jar is a place you go every morning to find one word that will inspire you throughout your day. it’s a super simple and quick project that you’ll never regret … Continue reading