shave that beard.

excuse me, miss. my eyes are up here. flannels, cut off jeans, and beards. big ones. bushy ones. store your sandwich for later/house a small family of birds/long enough to be french braided all at the same time ones.  in denver at least, this whole beard thing leaves all of the men looking like joaquin phoenix during his “i’m retiring from acting to focus on my rap music” phase. joaquinphoenix_facialhair

naturally, my brother is always on trend.

brother1 brother2 brother3

lucky for me, and my mother, and most importantly, the brother’s girlfriend, he has generously offered to shave it off (for a donation, of course).

on may 10th at pete’s patio bar in denver, i am hosting my first summit for someone fundraising event. there will be live music, awesome raffle prizes, and yes, one epic beard shaving.

throughout the night, there will be jars labeled with different facial hair styles. the lovely attendees will then get to “put their money where their mustache is” and donate cash to whichever style they think best. the fullest jar at the end of the night wins and thus the shaving begins.

so, i’ve decided to compile some inspiration using the best (worst) beards/mustaches/excuse me sir, you have something on your face-s. it’s important not to look at the man behind the mustache, but imagine my brother behind it instead.

Frank Zappa prince_facialhair abrahamlincoln_facialhair mario_facialhair salvadordali_Facialhair bradpitt_facialhair ambroseburnside_facialhairbatman_facialhair  chaplin_facialhair jamesfranco_Facialhair elvispresley_facialhair hulkhogan_facialhairjcchavez_facialhair voteforpedro_facialhair tomselleck_facialhair

my all time favorite? baby face. shave it all and your dimples will thank you. babyface_facialhair

november isn’t here yet and march is long gone. let’s officially make may the month to


also please remember, if you vote for pedro, all of your wildest dreams will come true.

join us. #gobeardless#gopantless


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