fortune favors the bold.

I’m sitting at the Tootsie’s airport bar in Nashville, TN. There’s an acoustic country singer singing acoustic country songs and I’m drinking yet another cold beer. I’ve spent the last four days honky tonking, eating real good, dreaming in farmland, and visiting an old friend.

It wasn’t the best time at work for me to take a vacation. I couldn’t really afford the trip. Insert other excuse here.

I had the time of my life.

We’ve all read the quotes about taking chances, making moves, going somewhere. Your sails are ready, the path less travelled, yada yada yada. There’s no way I can compete with Mark Twain nor would I want to. All I can say is do it. Do it now. Buy your ticket. Go somewhere you’ve never been. Talk to strangers. Wander down streets you don’t belong on. Go. Go now. There’s no better way to find yourself.

He just started playing a Johnny Cash cover. Excuse me while I go dance by myself in an airport bar.

“Fortune favors the bold.”



2 thoughts on “fortune favors the bold.

  1. couldn’t agree more! “nothing ventured/nothing gained!” I once hopped off a plane in Costa Rica not knowing a soul or where I was going to spend the night. your nashville adventure sounds fantastic! your post title caught my eye—it relates to the video blog i just started on music/the creative process from my perspective as a singer/songwriter. boldness and risk-taking are so central to making good music and performing well—i plan to explore it further in my next installments. great post—you paint nice word pictures thanks!

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