one lovely blog and other awards.

i was recently nominated for a couple of blog awards. naturally, i reacted something like this:

ok, so i don’t have an adorable italian accent or glasses or beautiful lines of poetry memorized, but i did stand on a chair.

it was a welcomed surprise to be awarded both the one lovely blog award and the liebster award from Jessie Homemaker. i truthfully know nothing about the origins or legitimacy of these awards, but i know that they are by bloggers for bloggers. they are fueled by itsy bitsy baby bloggers like me, who are all trying to say or be something bigger than themselves. for me, that’s hella legit.

instead of posting a video of my acceptance speech (pantsless with a jar of peanut butter in my hand?), i get to answer some personal questions. you all already know how much i love talking about myself, so what are we waiting for? read here.

but seriously and whole heartedly, thank you to Jessie for even knowing who i am. i started rambling for reals on the interwebs only in September, and it feels pretty nice to have a random stranger think i’m the bee’s knees, too. it’s almost as nice as winning an oscar. almost.

in a chain letter sort of way, once nominated, you must to nominate 11 other bloggers (with less than 200 followers) who i think are the bee’s knees (like a chain letter, if you don’t, that’s bad luck for 7 years, duh). 11 to me is an unlucky number, so i’m breaking all of the rules and posting only 7. i also fudged the 200 follower count because well, i’m a rebel and there are blogs that i just like, and it’s not my fault that hundreds of other people like it too. maybe that’s still 7 years of bad luck? who knows.

and the nominees for the liebster & one lovely blogs are (drum roll, please):

aventuras de me dulce vida | chords and cadence | super generic girl | a crumb to share | beerbecue | spinster log | marryl all write

(nominees, if you’d like to participate contact me and i’ll send over some questions.)

and cue the orchestra.


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