SUMMIT FOR SOMEONE: hella awesome contest #1

ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is my pleasure to announce my first summit for someone HELLA AWESOME CONTEST.


donate to my summit for someone climb today through this friday November 30th to be entered to win an Eddie Bauer First Ascent Down Jacket worth $250. aka HELLA DOPE. heres how it works:


step 1.) go to my donation page and donate AT LEAST $10.00 to my climb and you’re entered to win. you’ll be entered again for every additional $10 donated, so donate $20 and get your name in the pot twice. donate $50 and you’re 5 times closer to being my first winner, winner, goose down jacket non-dinner winner.

step 2.) go to my facebook page and “like” it. or “love” it. why? because that’s how i’ll be announcing the winner (preferably with a funny video of my brother in a dress or a dog named klaus or both). don’t have a facebook? get one. plus, then you’ll be in the know for other upcoming hella awesome contests through out 2013. if you really don’t want to, i’ll be happy to forward said funny video and winning info to your email.

step 3.) THE FINE PRINT: in order for anyone to have a chance to win the jacket, i must raise a TOTAL of $500 between now and this friday november 30th. so kind of like kickstarter, if i don’t raise $500, there won’t be a jacket to give away. unlike kickstarter, whatever is donated up to the $500 will be kept towards my climb pledge. you will not get your money back if you don’t win. what you will get is a taxable donation receipt and a virtual high five from me. as of today right now this moment, I have $550 in my fundraising pot which means i need $1,050 in there by EOD friday to play jacket giveaway. so what does this really mean? tell your friends, loved ones, enemies, followers, stalkers, strangers and neighbors. if we don’t get $500 by friday, no one wins the jacket. period.

step 4.) win, maybe! the winner will get to pick the size/gender/color preference of the jacket, given as a gift by professional climber Ed Viesturs to S4S pledgers. his offer was this: if any of us can raise $500 by friday, we get a jacket for our climb. i decided i’d rather share the gift with one of my awesome donators instead. there will be only one winner. winners can not be immediate members of my family (sorry dude/ttes), it just doesn’t seem fair.

that’s it! what are you waiting for? odds of you winning are approx. 500 million times better than winning the current $500 million powerball pot. according to my calculations, your odds are actually 1 in 50 (and better the more you give). UPDATE: you didn’t win powerball. i’m so sorry. here’s your chance to play again.

still need a reason?

– learn about summit for someone here. it’s a great organization and you’ll be getting some ridiculously powerful cosmic karma in return.

– donate today as my christmas present. seriously. all i want for christmas is for you to win an awesome down jacket because you donated to an even awesomer non-profit. plus, then you don’t have to go to the mall to buy me that new justin bieber cd.

– donate today for someone else’s christmas/kwanza/hannukah/festivus/justbecause present, kind of like when george costanza gives out “a donation has been made in your name to the Human Fund” gift to co-workers in his office. it’s kind of like that, except that Summit for Someone is real and I will personally send a hand written/painted/sealed-with-a-kiss card to you or your giftee, thanking them for the generous gift. simply leave a note in the “comments to climber” section of the donation process with the special someone’s name and where to send it, and i will hook you up snail mail style.

still have questions? contact me here.

good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

remember people, this is for charity, so summit for someone, big city mountaineers and myself can not be held legally responsible for the outcome of this contest. let’s play nice, ya’ll.


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