just vote, promise?

vote. because you won’t get pregnant. or die.

vote by mail-in ballot.

vote at the polling booth.

just do it, promise?

ok, everybody take a sticker.

we live in an age where everybody knows everything about everyone. you can get onto one website and know what i was doing last weekend, who i was with, what i was wearing, and how i felt about all of it. the time of anonymous voting is gone, or at least much harder to uphold. and maybe that’s ok. it gives us a louder voice than our parents or our parents’ parents or those before them ever had. social media is a pretty remarkable tool- sometimes hurtful, sometimes hopeful. but it’s there for everyone to see and analyze; listen to and retort. for that i’m thankful because i think it promotes discussion. it promotes expansion. it promotes awareness.

but at the end of the day, after we’ve all hash-tagged and meme shared and online debated, the loudest voice we have is our vote- no wireless connection, no algorithms, no total likes for the day. it’s just a pen and a list of names. after all these years, it’s still just as simple as that.

after all, this election might decide what happens to you if you do get pregnant. or die.

so here’s to democracy, or what’s left of it. i voted. you should too. otherwise, we’ll never truly hear you from here.


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