DIY: hand-painted shower curtain.

MUSIC CHOICE: good boys when they’re asleep by the faces (played loudly through the screen door).

1.) concept. plan out how you want to use your space. my design was inspired by a lyric from one of my favorite bands, poet’s row2.) from the bottom of the curtain, measure the excess that hangs below the bath tub rim. temporarily mark. this will be the bottom of your art space.

3.) paint! remember acrylic paint is non-washable so it’s smart to lay down a tarp underneath and make sure to have your painter’s clothes on (personally, i prefer to be barefoot and pantsless). keep mixing water and paper towels handy.

4.) (optional) for my design i wanted a second transparent liner. after letting my base dry, i aligned the liner on top of the curtain and went at it!

5.) hang, enjoy, and shower regularly.

other ideas:

-if you don’t feel like your free-hand painting skills are up to par, use stamps or stencils to create the look you want. i’ve seen projects use masking tape for a sailor’s stripe, or stenciled letters for a family name custom shower curtain.

-create multiple so you can change out curtains depending on the season, your mood, or even what color towel you’re using that week. it’s an easy and affordable way to use up otherwise unused art space.

inspired by poet’s row.


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